Cape Breton Regional Hospital (Sydney)

Opened in 1995, Cape Breton Regional Hospital is the main referral and trauma centre for Cape Breton Island. It currently has 162 acute care beds, 36 emergency beds, 23 intermediate and critical care beds, 40 maternal child beds, 52 mental health and addictions beds, and nine palliative care beds.


    New stand-alone Cape Breton Cancer Centre

    • The new Cape Breton Cancer Centre will be larger and provide a more comfortable, supportive centre focused on patients and their families. 

    New, expanded emergency department

    • The new emergency department will be larger, with more exam and patient rooms. 
    • Satellite diagnostice imaging department in the emergency department, which will house a CT scanner, general radiographic room and ultrasound room. 

    New, expanded critical care department

    • The new critical care department will house the Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, and Intermediate Care Unit. It will provide larger patient rooms, more privacy and new, separate spaces for families.

    New surgical suites

    • Nine new OR suites are being built as part of the new Clinical Services Building at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. The new ORs will allow new ways of delivering surgeries. 

    New inpatient beds

    • Two, new 36 bed units with larger rooms that will offer privacy and comfort to patients and families. 

    Maternal and Newborn Services

    • Part of the Clinical Services Building, the new Maternal and Newborn Services unit will provide a more supportive, private and comfortable space for patients, parents and families.
    • The unit will maintain key adjacencies to the new operating rooms.
    • Changing from two separate units (Labour and Delivery Unit and Postpartum Unit) to Labour Delivery Recovery Postpartum (LDRP) rooms will allow for labour, delivery, recovery and postpartum care to take place in the same hospital room.

    All other clinics and services at Cape Breton Regional Hospital will continue.


     (Image reflects design at a certain point in the development process. It does not confirm the final design.)