Glace Bay

Opened in 1986, Glace Bay Hospital is a community hospital that serves Glace Bay, Dominion, Reserve Mines, Donkin, Port Morien, and surrounding areas. It currently has 44 acute care beds and 18 long-term care beds on 4North, a transitional long-term care unit.

Renovated emergency department

  • Renovation of emergency department will increase space by an estimated 30%.
  • A new Community-Based Paramedic Program will be launched in CBRM.

Increased surgeries

  • About 1,600 surgeries will move from Northside General and/or New Waterford Consolidated hospitals.

Renal dialysis

  • A new six-station satellite renal dialysis unit will open October 2020, enhancing and complementing services provided at other facilities in Cape Breton.
  • Government invested $5.8 million in the unit’s construction. The project was also funded by the estate of the late Thomas Peach of Glace Bay, who left $1.9 million with the intent of helping establish dialysis services in the community.
  • Patients will be under the care of nephrologists from Cape Breton Regional Hospital who support satellite units. Two registered nurses, two licensed practical nurses, two renal assistants, and a part-time social worker, pharmacist and dietitian have been hired to support the new clinic.
  • The Tom Peach Renal Dialysis Clinic will treat about 24 patients from the community who previously had to travel to Cape Breton Regional Hospital for dialysis.

Community-based services like mental health and addictions, diabetes education, and day clinics will continue and be enhanced.

Blood and specimen collection and processing and diagnostic imaging (x-rays and ultrasound) to continue. Endoscopy (colonoscopy, gastroscopy) will also continue.