New Waterford

Opened in 1963, New Waterford Consolidated Hospital is a community hospital that serves New Waterford and surrounding areas. It currently has 21 acute care beds and 24 nursing home beds on Waterford Heights, a licensed community long-term care unit.

As part of the CBRM Health Care Redevelopment Project, New Waterford and the surrounding area will have a new, modern health centre and a 60-bed long-term care home. Both will be built on the Breton Education Centre school site, along with a new, modern school, creating a community hub. The project also includes 12 (sub-acute) short-stay beds.

The community hub model (health centre, long-term care home, and school) will create hands-on learning opportunities and new programming for students in health-care related fields. It also allows for opportunities to share facilities and maintenance services.

In October 2020, Government awarded the contract for the construction management services for the New Waterford Community Hub and Northside Health Centre projects to PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

PCL Constructors Canada Inc. will advise on the planning and management of the construction work. Construction of the New Waterford Community Hub is expected to begin later in 2021.

 (Image reflects design at a certain point in the development process. It does not confirm final design.)


New  health centre

  • A new health centre will replace New Waterford Consolidated Hospital, strengthening primary health services in the area
  • Space for a collaborative family care teams (doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians, and other health professionals)
  • Space for urgent care clinics for after-hours access
  • New ambulatory care clinic space
  • Continuing care staff in one location
  • New consultation rooms for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition counselling
  • New consultation rooms for counselling, community support teams, and wellness clinics
  • New team work stations for public health services with clinic/consult rooms
  • Increased space for mental health and addictions programs

Short-Stay Beds

  • Twelve new (sub-acute) short-stay beds for patients who need observation but not in an acute care setting; stays up to 72 hours
  • This includes patients with exacerbated COPD, post-surgery wound care requiring IV antibiotics, and blood transfusion

New long-term care home

  • Waterford Heights, the current 24-bed licensed community long-term care unit, will be replaced with a new 60-bed long-term care home

New school for grades 6-12

  • Breton Education Centre was built in 1971 and consultation determined replacing the school was the best option
  • New school will include gyms to ensure Coal Bowl continues and a new theatre
  • The outdoor sports fields and recreation spaces will be relocated

New recreation facilities

  • To make way for the construction of the new, modern community hub, some recreation facilities in New Waterford will be rebuilt and relocated
  • The artificial soccer field, tennis courts, and three buildings (washrooms and storage) on the Breton Education Centre site will be moved to MacKinnon Field
  • The grass soccer field at MacKinnon Field will be moved to nearby Colliery Lands Park