New Waterford

Opened in 1963, New Waterford Consolidated Hospital is a community hospital that serves New Waterford and surrounding areas. It currently has 21 acute care beds and 24 nursing home beds on Waterford Heights, a licensed community long-term care unit.

As part of the CBRM Health Care Redevelopment Project, New Waterford and the surrounding area will have a new, modern health centre and a 60-bed long-term care home. Both will be built on the Breton Education Centre school site, along with a new, modern school, creating a community hub. The project also includes 12 (sub-acute) short-stay beds.

The community hub model (health centre, long-term care home, and school) will create hands-on learning opportunities and new programming for students in health-care related fields. It also allows for opportunities to share facilities and maintenance services.

New  health centre

  • A new health centre will replace New Waterford Consolidated Hospital, strengthening primary health services in the area
  • Space for a collaborative family care teams (doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians, and other health professionals); 20 new exam rooms and 2 workstations
  • Space for after-hours clinics, booked appointments, and walk-ins.
  • 4 new day clinic rooms
  • Continuing care staff in one location
  • New consultation room and procedure room (currently none)
  • 8 new consultation rooms for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition counselling
  • New consultation rooms for counselling, community support teams, and wellness clinics
  • 2 new team work stations for public health services and 3 clinics/consult rooms

Short-Stay Beds

  • Twelve new (sub-acute) short-stay beds for patients who need observation but not in an acute care setting; stays up to 72 hours
  • This includes patients with exacerbated COPD, post-surgery wound care requiring IV antibiotics, and blood transfusion

New long-term care home

  • Waterford Heights, the current 24-bed licensed community long-term care unit, will be replaced with a new 60-bed (estimated) long-term care home

New school for grades 6-12

  • Breton Education Centre was built in 1971 and consultation determined replacing the school was the best option
  • New school will include gyms to ensure Coal Bowl continues and a new theatre
  • The outdoor sports fields and recreation spaces will be relocated

New recreation facilities

  • To make way for the construction of the new, modern community hub, some recreation facilities in New Waterford will be rebuilt and relocated
  • The artificial soccer field, tennis courts, and three buildings (washrooms and storage) on the Breton Education Centre site will be moved to MacKinnon Field
  • The grass soccer field at MacKinnon Field will be moved to nearby Colliery Lands Park