Halifax Infirmary Expansion


As part of QEII New Generation, the redevelopment of the QEII Health Sciences Centre, services are being moved out of the aging Victoria, Centennial and Dickson Buildings on the VG site of the QEII Health Sciences Centre.  Those buildings will eventually come down. Care and services will be delivered at other hospitals or new health care facilities being built or renovated including the Halifax Infirmary (HI). Many of the specialized surgeries and services will move to the HI site as a result.

Expansion project which includes:

  • Construction of Inpatient Centre (hospital beds and operating rooms)
  • Construction of an Innovation and Learning Centre
  • Construction of a new Outpatient Centre
  • Construction of the new QEII Cancer Centre (moving all cancer care from the VG site)


Critical Care

  • 33 Intensive Care (ICU) beds - increase of 9
  • 15 Intermediate Care (IMCU) beds – increase of 3

Operating Rooms

  • 28 ORs - increase of 12 (9 relocated from VG site, 3 new)

Inpatient Beds

  • 626 beds - increase of 180 (144 relocated from VG site, 36 new)

Innovation and Learning Centre

  • Will bring three training labs under one roof
  • Will include conference and education rooms with advanced technology to support long distance education

3rd and 5th Floor – In Progress

  • One Hybrid Operating Room (equipped with advanced technology) - Atlantic Canada’s first
  • Two Interventional Suites (rooms where surgical procedures are performed with state-of-the-art imaging equipment)


The expanded Halifax Infirmary site, the heart of the redevelopment of the QEII, will have modern facilities and advanced technologies equipped to handle the most complex care in Atlantic Canada. The expansion means:

  • Reducing wait times
  • Improving access to care
  • Performing less invasive procedures resulting in quicker recovery for patients (ie. Atlantic Canada’s first hybrid operating room)
  • Eliminating the need to transfer patients between two sites
  • Increasing the use of technology to provide care closer to home
  • Leading the way for innovation and research-driven cancer treatment
  • Providing advanced technology to support long-distance learning
  • Providing modern facilities for health professionals to work in and care for their patients
  • Improving research and teaching opportunities to help recruit and retain doctors, researchers and other health professionals

Quick facts about the QEII Health Sciences Centre (VG and HI sites):

  • 3,898 outpatient/clinic visits a day
  • 273 cancer treatments a day
  • 207 emergency visits a day
  • 131 surgeries a day