Hospice Halifax


As part of QEII New Generation, the redevelopment of the QEII Health Sciences Centre, services are being moved out of the aging Victoria, Centennial and Dickson buildings on the VG site. Those buildings will eventually come down. Care and services will be delivered at other hospitals or new health care facilities being built or renovated including a new hospice residence in Halifax. Five hospital beds will be moved from the VG site to Hospice Halifax for a total of ten beds at the hospice residence.


  • Halifax’s first hospice residence for Nova Scotian patients and their families opened April 2019.
  • The 10-bed hospice residence will provide end-of-life care for people living with a terminal illness.
  • It features a family kitchen, dining room, and living room; a children’s playroom, outdoor terraces and garden, overnight accommodation for families, a house kitchen for patient meals, quiet areas, and a Centre for Training and Education.
  • The facility cost $7 million to build.


  • Provides a comfortable, personalized place for patients and their families to receive dignified end-of-life care
  • Patients will receive professional nursing care with physician support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients and families can access on site programs, bereavement counselling, and social work consultation.
  • Provides services to about 150 patients a year, reaching up to 1,800 extended family members, loved ones, friends and colleagues
  • About 50 full-time, part-time, and casual staff members will offer clinical care and administrative services. About 100 volunteers will provide support.
  • Services are free-of-charge for patients and families.