Chemotherapy Preparation Lab Relocating

Government and Nova Scotia Health Authority are improving cancer care by relocating the province's busiest lab where chemotherapy treatment is prepared.

As part of the QEII New Generation project, the province has approved about $4.6 million to move the Halifax lab from the Victoria Building to the Dickson Building on the Victoria General site of the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

The new lab will be bigger, modern and have new technology and equipment to better meet the current and future growing demands.

Government Continues to Invest in QEII New Generation Project

Government continues to invest in Nova Scotia’s largest health redevelopment project that will improve access to care for Nova Scotians for many years to come.

Additional funding of $11.47 million for the QEII New Generation project was announced today, Feb. 11.

“This is another significant step in moving the redevelopment project forward,” said Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey. “Each investment gets us closer to improving how we deliver care for Nova Scotians.”

Next Steps for QEII Health Sciences Centre’s Halifax Infirmary Renovations

Government is taking another step to renovate the QEII Health Sciences Centre’s facilities to improve access and care for Nova Scotians for the next 50 years.

A request for proposals for construction management services for the planned renovations at the Halifax Infirmary was issued today, Nov.30.

The services required include advice on the pre-construction planning, management services of construction work, as well as scheduling to minimize disruptions to daily operations at the hospital.

Province Purchases Halifax CBC/Radio-Canada Bell Road Building

The province announced the purchase of the CBC/Radio-Canada building on Bell Road in Halifax, today, Nov. 2, as part of the QEII redevelopment project.

"With the CBC/Radio Canada building's close proximity to the Halifax Infirmary, it made sense to pursue the purchase as we move forward with the redevelopment project," said Lloyd Hines, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. "The purchase of this building will provide options for the expansion of the Halifax Infirmary site."

Hospice Halifax Construction Underway

Construction of Halifax’s first purpose-built facility to provide end-of-life care and family support is now underway with an anticipated fall 2018 opening for Hospice Halifax.

Hospice Halifax board chair Dr. Jane Henderson said, “After years of planning and months of site preparation, it is enormously gratifying for everyone involved to see the hospice physically taking shape. In a year’s time, Hospice Halifax will be a reality, providing specialized care to the dying and compassionate support to their loved ones.”


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