Next Step Begins for Expansion at Dartmouth General Hospital

Friday July 8, 2016

The province is taking another step to expand and modernize the Dartmouth General Hospital and enhance its role in Nova Scotia's health care system.

A request for proposals for construction management services for the planned expansion and renovations at Dartmouth General Hospital was issued today, July 8.

The services required include advice on the pre-construction planning and scheduling to minimize disruptions to hospital operations.

The planned expansion and renovations involve construction of space for 48 beds on the fifth floor, eight operating rooms (replacing four existing operating rooms and adding four more) and extensive upgrades to areas including pharmacy and diagnostic imaging. Construction is expected to begin in the winter of 2017.

The total renovations and expansion at the Dartmouth General Hospital will cost about $138 million. When complete, some patients and surgeries that do not require the specialized care provided by the QEII Health Sciences Centre will be moved to Dartmouth General.

This is part of the QEII Redevelopment project that will better connect Nova Scotians to the care they need. For updates on the project go to: