Renovations at Halifax Infirmary and Hants Community Hospital Moving Forward

Tuesday June 6, 2017

Government awarded the contract today, June 2, for project management services for the Hants Community Hospital and the Halifax Infirmary 3, 5 and 6 floors to Colliers Project Leaders.

The planned renovations to the Halifax Infirmary building of the QEII Health Sciences Centre and updates to the operating room at the Hants Community Hospital are part of the QEII redevelopment project.

The project management services required include coordinating and managing the Halifax Infirmary and Hants Community Hospital from design to building to completion.

The Halifax Infirmary includes renovations to the third floor to allow the relocation of two interventional suites from the fifth floor. The fifth floor will then be renovated to include two new operating rooms. One of the rooms will be a hybrid that will allow the use of advanced diagnostic imaging equipment during the most complex procedures.

The Hants Community Hospital renovations include upgrading a currently inactive operating room.